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Cerulean LLC honored with Legacy Award

GSI Partner member Cerulean LLC and its owner, Susan Harris, were recently honored by Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF) with the Legacy Award at their annual Watershed Milestones Award Ceremony. This year’s ceremony took place on May 24, and recognized TTF’s outstanding partners ranging from volunteers to corporate stewards.   Susan was recognized for her 12 years
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New Report Explores Green Infrastructure Workforce

A new study, Exploring the Green Infrastructure Workforce, from Jobs For The Future examines the current green infrastructure workforce and opportunities for growth. The intent of the study was to focus on the public and private jobs involved in the direct construction, maintenance, and monitoring of urban green infrastructure. The report contains recommendations to the green infrastructure
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Research in GSI Winner: 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards

  Congratulations to the Philadelphia Water Department, the Research in GSI Winner for the 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony.   Monitoring Green City, Clean Waters: The First 5 Years   Photo Source: Philadelphia Water Department   Lead Research Institution: Philadelphia Water Department Study Area: Philadelphia, PA   Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) evaluates performance of constructed stormwater
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Early Adopters Project Winner: 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards

  Congratulations to Villanova University, the Early Adopter Winner for the 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony.   Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP) Bio-Infiltration Traffic Island Photo source: Villanova University   Client: Villanova University Planning/Design Team: Villanova University Construction Team: Villanova University Maintenance Team: Villanova University Location: 800 East Lancaster Avenue, Villanova University, PA Watershed: Darby-Cobbs   Recognizing the need
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Temple Faculty and PennDOT Address Stormwater for I-95 Project

Faculty from Temple University and Villanova are partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to implement a stormwater management project as part of the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange upgrades. The project to widen I-95, which began in 2009, requires a new stormwater management system that didn’t exist when the highway was first built.   “A major
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Staff from Andropogon Published for Research on Native Plants & North American Greenroofs

GSI Partner member, Andropogon Associates, recently had staff published in the Journal of Green Building on Native Plants in North American Greenroofs. The article highlights work of Andropogon and others have done to emphasize the importance of native plantings on green roofs. The article covers many facets of green roofs including the many ecological regions of
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Congratulations to the Monitoring Grant Recipients

SBN, via the GSI Partners, developed a monitoring grant pilot program to support data collection on the performance of private GSI projects and encourage its dissemination. Further data collection of these sites will support the GSI Partners objectives for research and innovation to advance the state-of-the-art of the GSI industry.   We congratulate the following
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Chicago collects real-time data on green infrastructure

A consortium of Chicago city agencies, institutions of higher education, and private sector companies are partnering to test and collect data on different SMPs using sensors and cloud computing. Chicago has already established two locations, which include a bioswale and a street with permeable pavement, as the pilot locations for tracking and recording data on precipitation,
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Penn researchers calculate the cost of urban blight

The University of Pennsylvania’s Urban Health Lab recently published a longitudinal study that calculated the financial impacts and economic returns of eliminating local, urban blight. The research team studied over 6,000 abandoned buildings and vacant lots across Philadelphia and calculated that cost of remediation at about $2,550 and $1,597, respectively, with an additional $180 in annual
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GSI Partner member, Azavea, releases online tools to map and model watersheds impact

GSI Partner member, Azavea, recently released updated versions of two web-based applications, Model My Watershed and Micro Site Run Off Model. The applications are the product of collaboration between Azavea and the Stroud Water Research Center to provide the data and impact modeling of regional water quality to citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, educators, and
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