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PWD Construction Seminar for Contractors Bidding on “Green” Projects

The Philadelphia Water Department will be hosting the third in a series of construction seminars for Contractors Bidding on “Green” Projects. The seminars are designed to provide important information to contractors about the department’s green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) contracts. Over the next two decades, PWD will be bidding over $2 billion in construction projects to
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PWD’s Rain Check Program

We are working with PWD and PHS to plan the next several training seminars for Rain Check contractors.  The next one, scheduled for September 19th, will bring all contractors together – those experienced and those new to the program.  We’ll share successes of the program to date, programmatic updates, and facilitate a feedback session.  Next up: rain
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PWD Contractor Seminar: Access to Capital

PWD is addressing factors that deter new or lower-capital businesses from participating in PWD contracts by providing resources through strategic partners.  Learn more at this free 2-hour seminar.Topics include the Small Business Administration’s Loan Guarantee Program and a credit clinic.  Local lending institutions and micro-lenders will also be in attendance to share their expertise.  Tuesday,
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PWD’s Rain Check Program – Contractor Training 1

As we mentioned last month, the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), via the GSI Partners, is proud to be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to expand the city’s residential stormwater management efforts through our partnership in the management of PWD’s Rain Check program.  We value this program because it not only supports Green City, Clean Waters,
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