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Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual

The Philadelphia Water Department Stormwater Retrofit Manual provides information for private land-owners who want to retrofit their property with stormwater management practices. Any property can be eligible to install retrofits*, but only non-residential, condominium, and multi-family properties with more than 4 units are eligible to receive stormwater credits. This guidance manual includes more information on:

  1. Credits and Incentives
  2. Planning & Process
  3. Design Guidance and Details (infiltration, vegetated practices, slow release)
  4. Resources of soil infiltration, landscape guidance/plant lists

*Retrofit projects include projects that voluntarily make updates specifically to manage stormwater. “A stormwater retrofit is defined as the voluntary rehabilitation and/or installation of SMPs on a property to better manage stormwater runoff” (PWD Stormwater Defintitions pg. 186).