Sustainable Business Network

Philadelphia Water’s Rain Check Program

The Sustainable Business Network is proud to be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to expand the city’s residential stormwater management efforts through our partnership in the management of PWD’s Rain Check program. Rain Check is an exciting program that offers Philadelphia homeowners free and cost-share stormwater management tools (rain barrels, downspout planters, rain gardens, and porous pavers), and engages local businesses to install these tools. If you are a Philadelphia resident, click here to learn more and sign up for the program!

Our participation in this program supports SBN’s mission to advance a more local and sustainable economy and wonderfully complements our GSI Partners initiative. SBN, through the GSI Partners, is helping to promote the program, recruit new Rain Check sub-contractors, and provide support to the sub-contractor network. Rain Check supports the Green City, Clean Waters program, Philadelphia’s innovative and ambitious 25-year plan to protect and enhance our waterways by managing stormwater with green infrastructure – an approach that works to mimic the natural water cycle. Green City, Clean Waters encourages these green approaches in public landscapes and on private property.

GET INVOLVED If you are interested in becoming a Rain Check subcontractor contact Alanna Wittet at [email protected] or (215) 922-7400 ext. 103.

Contact PHS with general inquiries at (215) 988-8800. Learn more about Rain Check