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StormWater Solutions

We inspect, clean and maintain all types of storm water management systems including:

  • Porous Pavement
  • Rain Gardens
  • Underground Infiltration Bed
  • Dry Wells
  • Surface Infiltration Basins
  • Bio-retention Areas
  • Surface Detention Basins
  • Wet Ponds
  • Water Quality Treatment Devices
  • Outlet Control Devices

We provide annual inspection reports prepared by a professional engineer and will file the report with your municipality (when required):

  • Annual Inspection & Maintenance
  • Credit Renewal Applications
  • Flush & Vacuum of Conveyance Systems
  • Porous Pavement Vacuuming

We will file the required applications for your Philadelphia Water Department rebate.


David Plante
(215) 508-3900
[email protected]
4220 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127