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For New Development & Redevelopment Projects

Plan Review Guidance Manual

The Philadelphia Water Department’s Stormwater Plan Review Manual provides information for development* and redevelopment projects that trigger Philadelphia’s stormwater regulation (15,000+ sq/ft earth disturbance).

*Development projects include construction projects (new or renovations on existing property).


Refer to this Stormwater Plan Review Manual for information on:

  1. Regulations
  2. Submission, Review, and Approval from PWD (Review Path)
  3. Site Design and Stormwater Management
  4. Stormwater Management Practice Guidance
  5. Construction Guidance
  6. Post-Construction and Operations and Maintenance Guidance


Additional Development Resources

Philadelphia Water Department Development Resource page provides further information on the plan review process, piloting projects, and incorporating proprietary products into stormwater management design.

Stormwater Credits Explorer App allows commercial property in Philadelphia to explore opportunities for stormwater savings. 


Green Streets & GSI in ROW

The City of Philadelphia Green Streets Design Manual provides information for private developers interested in installing Green Streets and GSI within the right-of-way.


Apply for review with the Existing Resources and Site Analysis (ERSA) application

The Existing Resources and Site Analysis (ERSA) application is the initial submission for all projects requiring PWD Stormwater Plan Review approval or exemption. PWD Stormwater Plan Review uses the ERSA Application to define the existing conditions of the project site, to confirm the project’s applicability within, or exemption from, the Stormwater Regulations, and to confirm the project’s Review Path with the applicant.