Sustainable Business Network

Terms and Conditions: Continuing Education Grants

The purpose of this AGREEMENT is to set forth the terms and conditions under which the firm applying for a GSI Partner Continuing Education Grant (hereby referred to as EMPLOYER) and the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia’s (SBN) Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners (GSI Partners) will partner to provide EMPLOYER’s employees with funding for training and continuing education as a means to support and strengthen EMPLOYER’s position in Greater Philadelphia’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Industry.

Relationship between Parties

  1. The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) works to build a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region by educating and growing a broad base of local independent businesses and educating policymakers and the public.
  2. The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners (GSI PARTNERS) is an initiative of SBN working to advance the local GSI Industry and Innovation in the Greater Philadelphia region as well as the local businesses whose services and/or products relate to GSI. The GSI PARTNERS are accomplishing this through education, advocacy, and relationship building.  As part of its education component, the GSI Partners provide continuing education funds to allow businesses and their employees growth opportunities and more earnings potential.
  3. EMPLOYER is a member of SBN and a business partner in the GSI PARTNERS, and as such has demonstrated commitment to SBN’s mission and the GSI PARTNERS’s values and goals.

Payment for Training Expenses

  1. If the submitted application is approved by the GSI PARTNERS, EMPLOYER shall pay for 25% of the total amount of the Training Expenses (hereby referred to as EMPLOYER TRAINING EXPENSES) outlined in the approved online application. The GSI PARTNERS shall pay the remaining 75% of the total amount of the Training Expenses (hereby referred to as GSI PARTNERS PAYMENT AMOUNT).
    1. The EMPLOYER shall use the GSI PARTNERS PAYMENT AMOUNT to register for the courses and to directly pay the training provider(s) selected by the EMPLOYER in the approved application.
    2. The EMPLOYER shall submit to the GSI PARTNERS a receipt of payment/confirmation of registration for the courses outlined in the approved application within 30 days of registering for the approved course(s).

Plan for Completion of Training

  1. If employer cannot provide receipt(s) of registration for any reason, or the receipts provided document a value less than the GSI PARTNERS PAYMENT AMOUNT, EMPLOYER is responsible for reimbursing the GSI PARTNERS for the GSI PARTNERS PAYMENT AMOUNT that cannot be documented with receipts.  Checks should be made payable to The Sustainable Business Education Initiative (SBEI).

Terms and Terminations

  1. EMPLOYER is required to remain a Member in Good Standing of SBN and a Partner in Good Standing of the GSI PARTNERS for at least one year following the execution of this AGREEMENT (see Exhibit A for determination of good standing).
  2. SBN’s GSI PARTNERS may unilaterally terminate this AGREEMENT if SBN’s contract with its funding source is either terminated or amended to the extent that SBN cannot meet its obligations under this AGREEMENT.
    1. Such termination shall be effective immediately upon receipt of written termination.
  3. Training Expenses include vendor cost and training materials only.
  4. Failure to comply with terms and conditions outlined in this AGREEMENT may result in EMPLOYER being denied future funding and/or being required to reimburse the GSI PARTNERS as outlined above.

Additional Terms

  1. Employees receiving training funds must work in the Greater Philadelphia area.
  2. Funding must serve to advance the business’s current or future involvement in GSI or GSI-related activities within the Greater Philadelphia area. This can include general business needs, or industry- or sector-specific needs.
  3. EMPLOYER will cooperate with any follow-up data collection as needed by GSI PARTNERS.
  4. Any additional terms and conditions set forth in all attached Exhibits are incorporated herein and made a part of this AGREEMENT.


Any notices shall be delivered in writing and shall be mailed or personally delivered to the parties at the following addresses:


Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners
c/o The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
2401 Walnut Street, Suite 206
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Governing Law

  1. This AGREEMENT shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Compliance with Law

  1. EMPLOYER agrees to comply will all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in providing Services.

Exhibit A

Determination of Good Standing

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners (GSI PARTNERS) Guidelines

For a business to be a GSI Partner in good standing, the business must:

  • be an SBN Member in good standing at Level 2 or above.
  • have an existing portfolio of Green Stormwater Infrastructure products or services and/or have demonstrated the goal to grow your portfolio of products or services in this direction.

 Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) Membership Guidelines

For a business to be an SBN Member in good standing, the business must be:

  • up to date on membership dues
  • privately held
  • headquartered within the Greater Philadelphia region
  • locally owned (more than fifty percent of the business owners live within 50 miles of the business)
  • have the ability to make independent decisions on business practices, purchases, distribution, even business name and branding
  • able to pay all of your business expenses (marketing, rent, etc.) without assistance from or payment to a corporate headquarters

SBN member businesses should have taken the B Lab survey within the first year of their membership to benchmark their sustainable business practices.

At any time, SBN may end a membership based on failure to meet membership criteria, membership payment defaults, or for the inappropriate use of membership benefits and privileges, online or otherwise.

Exhibit B

SBN’s Privacy Policy

SBN uses the account information that you enter for internal, administrative purposes and will not sell or share the information you share with any third party. Further, it is the policy of SBN not to make mailing lists of our members available to the public or non-members. Our members do not expect to be added to other lists when they join. We offer member announcement services (the opportunity to post an announcement in our monthly E-Newsletter and post discounts in our monthly Members Discounts Email), and members can contact each other one at a time through using the members directory.