Sustainable Business Network

About the GSI Partners

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners is a priority initiative of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) formed to support the success of Green City, Clean Waters.  Our mission is to advance the local GSI industry, innovation, and the local economy as it relates to GSI. We are the only business network working to ensure that the greenest approaches to stormwater management are facilitated and incentivized as much as possible, and that the public and private investments being catalyzed by the plan are spent with local firms. Our strategy for accomplishing this includes:

1. Coalition-Building

Our network brings together a wide range of GSI stakeholders working together to share knowledge, advance the industry, and advance innovation. The unique collaboration of private and public partners is allows for progression towards our shared goal of maximizing the environmental, economic, and social impact of Green City, Clean Waters.

2. Advocacy

We advocate for better facilitation and incentivization of GSI. Our advocacy is focused on processes, policies, and codes that improve the permitting process, increase private sector demand, keep investment local, and encourage capital investment from other city agencies.

3. Professional Development

We support the advancement of the GSI industry by creating regular opportunities for sharing of best practices, and by advancing the skills of individual businesses and employees through continuing education opportunities. We offer grants to our member businesses to take courses and gain certifications that help them advance in the GSI industry. We also launched the region’s first GSI Operation and Maintenance course in 2015 and plan to offer it annually.

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