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Intended Outcomes

Reduction of stormwater runoff. Improvement in water quality. Mitigation of urban heat island effect. Restoration of natural wildlife habitats. Formation of greened acres and recreation spaces. A boon to the local economy.    These are just a few of the intended environmental, social, and economicbenefits of green stormwater infrastructure   We are now six years into Green City, Clean
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Unintended Outcomes

“Rain gardens are like children,” said Dennis Shelly of PEER Environmental, LLC. “You can never really trust them to be alone.”   Because of this, Charles Brenton of Brenton Landscape Architects asserts that project managers could “do a better job communicating with clients about what rain gardens look like years after installation.”   Although this nature-based approach is proven to
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How did Philadelphia’s parks score?

Philadelphia has made many improvements to public parks recently, and people are taking notice. With over 90% of residents, through all income and age demographic areas, able to reach a public park within a ten-minute walk, our city is taking big steps to protect green space. We are improving access to public green space, but
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Growing number of jobs from GSI maintenance

As the public becomes increasingly aware of the potential dangers of stormwater runoff, prevention systems are being monitored more frequently. After a recent survey throughout Baltimore revealed over a quarter of these systems were in disrepair, the city saw an opportunity to benefit the environment as well as their economy by creating training programs to
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The Impact of GSI on Community Health and Safety

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) installation is lauded for its positive environmental and economic impact, and deservedly so, but this nature-based approach to stormwater management has also had a positive effect on the health and safety of communities where it was implemented.    Michele Kondo, Ph.D. and the USDA Forest Service, Northern Field Station conducted a difference-in-differences analysis
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