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CA recognizes green infrastructure & funnels dollars to conserve natural resources

The state of California has taken a major step in combating their long history of water conservation issues. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2480, which declared that “source watersheds are recognized and defined as integral components of California’s water infrastructure.” With this law, California can now invest billions of dollars in infrastructure finance towards the
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Penn researchers calculate the cost of urban blight

The University of Pennsylvania’s Urban Health Lab recently published a longitudinal study that calculated the financial impacts and economic returns of eliminating local, urban blight. The research team studied over 6,000 abandoned buildings and vacant lots across Philadelphia and calculated that cost of remediation at about $2,550 and $1,597, respectively, with an additional $180 in annual
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William Penn Foundation invests $100 Million in the Rebuild initiative

In November the William Penn Foundation made an announcement of their historic investment of $100 Million to the Rebuilding Community Infrastructure Initiative (“Rebuild”) as part of Mayor Kenney’s plan to transform city parks, libraries, recreation centers, and playgrounds to enhance community life in neighborhoods across Philadelphia. In a press release, Shawn McCaney, the William Penn Foundation’s interim
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Updated Greenworks Plan includes SBN’s recommendations on GCCW

At the beginning of November, we saw the release of Greenworks, the City of Philadelphia’s updated comprehensive sustainability plan. We were pleased to see the recommendations the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) made to the Office of Sustainability on behalf of our members were incorporated into the final version of the Greenworks plan. SBN’s recommendations focused on
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