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Call for Nominations: 2016 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony

Help us acknowledge the companies and individuals who are pioneering the way to a greener and more sustainable Philadelphia. Submitting an application for an 2016 Excellence in GSI Award is the first step in recognizing passionate projects and the partners who make them happen. All nominations must be submitted by Friday December 18th. We will
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Focus Group Convened on the Impact of Policy and Code on GSI 

On November 10th the GSI Partners Plan Review Committee convened a Policy and Code Focus Group to begin to unpack how City policies and codes help or hinder GSI development and retrofit projects in Philadelphia. We had a great two-hour discussion with 11 engineers from 7 different firms who shared their recommendations, challenges, and affirmations
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Restructuring the GSI Partners’ Advocacy Committee 

The GSI Partners Advocacy Committee has done an exceptional job in informing our advocacy efforts for almost two years. They helped craft the Green City Clean Waters section of SBN’s Good Economy Challenge, and supported the development of a comment letter to PWD regarding the regulatory updates, and multiple follow up meetings with PWD. With SBN’s
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Local Economic Impact Report Kick-Off

We commenced a report, led by EConsult Solutions, looking at the local economic impact of the first five years of Green City, Clean Waters. The Report will cover the purpose of GCCW, the national recognition it has received, what it’s done for the region’s economy, and its future potential. The Report will highlight the impact of GCCW on local business revenue,
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Philadelphia City Council Resolution Recognizing the GSI Partners 

On November 12, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown introduced a resolution recognizing the GSI Partners. It is a great honor in that it recognizes SBN’s efforts to advance the region’s green stormwater infrastructure industry. We thank the Councilwoman for this recognition. To read the full text of the resolution, click here.

Member News: Landstudies

City Funds LaSalle Stormwater Project Thanks to a Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP) grant, La Salle University is beefing up 14,300 square feet of its campus to better manage stormwater in Philadelphia. LandStudies will install multiple rain gardens to intercept stormwater and to clean, infiltrate, and reduce the volume flowing into Philadelphia’s combined sewer system. Other
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Philadelphia Water Announces Second Stormwater Pioneer

Philadelphia Water announced the second Stormwater Pioneer on Tuesday, November 17. Gina Rucci, co-owner of Popi’s Restaurant was awarded over $94,000 in grant funding from the Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP), which was used to install two rain gardens. These rain gardens will not only manage harmful runoff that could pollute our waterways, they also
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