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A boon for the region’s economy

Photo Credit: PowerCorps PHL We already know that increasing the implementation of GSI projects and SMPs comes with increased job opportunities in the related industries. This also leads to a boost in the number of qualified and specialized individuals within the workforce to design, implement, and maintain these systems.   So, how does this play
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Call for Nominations: 2018 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony

The Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony is the region’s only award that celebrates and elevate green stormwater infrastructure projects and innovations, and the triple bottom line (TBL) benefits that a nature-based approach to stormwater management brings to the Greater Philadelphia Area. Click here to learn more and submit a nomination.

Elevating the value of maintenance comes with great opportunities

  With the implementation of more and more GSI on public and private sites there is a growing need for skilled individuals to fulfill jobs as well as more firms to fulfill maintenance contracts.    As this industry grows in Philadelphia and nationwide there is a huge opportunity for individuals and firms to share in this
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The sooner, the better.

Do you want your GSI project to be successful?   Then, do not wait until the last minute to institute a maintenance and monitoring plan.   “The sooner you introduce a plan, the better,” said Jimmy Kreider, Field Operations Division Director, LandStudies, Inc.   Introducing a maintenance and monitoring plan during the nascent stages of
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We need to talk about maintenance.

Last Friday, the third and final day of the 2017 GSI Operations and Maintenance Course kicked off in the field at Kemble Park and La Salle University’s rain gardens. We spent the afternoon learning more about each site’s design processes and technical aspects, turning a specific lens to the role that maintenance and monitoring play
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Our City, Our Parks

On Saturday, volunteers across the city celebrated the LOVE Your Park Fall Service Day. A joint program of Parks and Recreation, Fairmount Park Conservancy, and the Philadelphia Park Friends Network, this event brought together residents to plant trees, rake leaves, and help prepare 100 neighborhood parks for the winter season.    The role that public green spaces
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Opti wants to stop floods before they happen

As climate change brings increasingly frequent natural disasters, flooding has become more prevalent in communities across the globe. GSI Partners Annual Sponsor Opti is ready to change how communities can respond, even before flooding occurs. Their new technology not only helps predict increases in rainwater but also controls water storage levels in retention ponds to
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Recap: October’s Quarterly Meeting

At the last Quarterly Meeting of 2017, GSI Partners clustered into small groups to share how intended and unintended outcomes have made an impact on their projects. During this guided networking time, attendees discussed how they addressed unexpected circumstances that arose throughout each stage of a project’s timeline. In some cases, surprises caused GSI professionals
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Intended and Unintended Outcomes

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking a lot about the intended and unintended impacts of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). As with any project planning and implementation process, GSI projects are accompanied by their fair share of intended and unintended outcomes throughout the span of their timelines.   While at the base of its
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Intended Outcomes

Reduction of stormwater runoff. Improvement in water quality. Mitigation of urban heat island effect. Restoration of natural wildlife habitats. Formation of greened acres and recreation spaces. A boon to the local economy.    These are just a few of the intended environmental, social, and economicbenefits of green stormwater infrastructure   We are now six years into Green City, Clean
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