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Every quarter, we bring together our members, sponsors, and other GSI professionals for GSI Partners Quarterly Meetings. These meetings provide regular opportunities to:

  • network and build lasting relationships with other industry professionals in the region;
  • hear updates about the GSI Partners’ current work, including our advocacy efforts; and
  • engage in peer learning on best management practices and other relevant industry information.

Recent presentations include:


  • Presentation by Philadelphia Water’s Deputy Commissioner of Planning and Environmental Services on the performance and cost data from the Evaluation and Adaptation Plan submitted to the EPA on GCCW (October 2016).



  • Presentation by Andropogon Associates and Meliora Environmental Design on the monitoring the performance of Shoemaker Green.
  • Panel discussion on GSI operation and maintenance, which included the Philadelphia Water Department’s Enforcement Director, a property owner, and a maintenance contractor.
  • Briefing by PWD about upcoming regulatory updates relevant to the GSI industry.
  • Case study by SALT Design Studio about Linwood Park.

Meetings are free for members and sponsors and $25 for non-members.* Breakfast and coffee are provided.

*We often provide complementary tickets to businesses that are interested in becoming members and looking to get acquainted with our network. If this applies to you, please contact our Program Manager at:

We hope to see you at our next Quarterly Meeting!

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A meeting is the perfect place to experience the GSI Partners.  Anyone can attend.  We look forward to seeing you soon!