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Philadelphia Water Department Grant Programs

  1. Stormwater Management Improvement Program (SMIP)– Provides grants directly to non-residential property owners who want to construct stormwater retrofit projects. Please note the following eligibility criteria: 

-For combined and separate sewer systems

-Property owner or authorized representative receives grant

-No minimum project size

  1. Greened Acre Retrofit Program (GARP) Provides grants to contractors, companies, or project aggregators who can build large-scale stormwater retrofit projects across multiple properties. Please note the following eligibility criteria:

-For combined sewer systems only

-Contractor/company receives grant on behalf of the property owner

-10 acre minimum project size


PWD Grant Manual for GARP and SMIP

The Stormwater Incentives Grant Manual includes more information on project eligibility, application requirements, and project evaluation criteria.

FAQ on Incentives in Philadelphia addresses key questions relating to eligibility requirements, the application process, and funding. 

Apply for SMIP: 

Apply for GARP: