Join SBN’s GSI Partners on Wednesday, October 25th at Temple University City Center for our final Quarterly Meeting of 2017!


We’ll be welcoming Michelle Kondo, Ph.D. of the USDA- Forest Service for a closer look at the potential impacts of Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects on community health and safety. Dr. Kondo’s research expertise and interests include: environmental health and environmental justice, the health consequences of environmental disparities, the impact of place-based and nature-based initiatives have on preventing and reducing crime and diseases, and geospatial and community-based research methods.


While GSI is, first and foremost, an effective practice and tool for sustainable stormwater management, results from Dr. Kondo et al.’s Philadelphia case study additionally suggest that GSI projects can generate reductions in narcotics possession and burglaries in their nearby communities. Dr. Kondo’s research indicates that health and safety considerations should be included not only in further assessments of GSI programs, but also in the overall planning of the projects, themselves.


With Philadelphia’s GSI-focused, triple bottom line approach to stormwater management, identifying potential opportunities to positively impact our communities’ health and wellness through GSI projects is especially relevant and beneficial for the implementation and growth of Green City, Clean Waters.


Also on the agenda are GSI Partners programmatic updates and structured time for engaging and conversing with your peers.


For more on Dr. Kondo’s case study, click here


8:00 AM – Doors Open
8:30 AM – Agenda Begins
10:30 AM – End


Free to members; $25 to non-members.
Breakfast and coffee will be provided.


The GSI Partners, a signature program of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), is a network of local businesses in the green stormwater infrastructure industry, including firms in GSI design, construction, and maintenance, as well as material supply. Green City Clean Waters, the City of Philadelphia’s comprehensive nature-based stormwater management plan, sets a 25-year vision for environmental, social, and economic benefits for our city and region. SBN supports this triple bottom line plan, and is working to support its successful implementation.

SBN approaches this work through a number of activities designed to support the growth of the local industry and the advancement of innovation. We connect our members with each other, prospective clients and other collaborators, and decision-makers, as well as to meaningful content and resources; we promote our members to each other and to prospective clients, as well as promote the triple bottom line benefits of green stormwater infrastructure; and we advocate on our members’ behalf while also incorporating feedback from other key stakeholders.