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A significant portion of our work is advocating for policies that advance the green stormwater infrastructure industry. In conjunction with the GSI Partners Advocacy Committees, the Project Manager, the SBN Policy Manager, and various engaged members, we aim to be proactive and reactive to relevant agencies on topics that impact the GSI Partners and the growth of the green stormwater infrastructure industry.


Awards Ceremony

On March 31, 2016 we brought together the region’s GSI industry professionals, municipal employees, elected officials, and other GSI stakeholders for the first Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony. This event celebrated GSI projects in the Greater Philadelphia Area, the triple bottom line (TBL) benefits of GSI, and the partners who make these projects happen.




Our committees play a key role in guiding and advancing our work, and are driven by our members with support from staff.  Committees offer an excellent opportunity for members to play a larger role in informing the direction of the GSI Partners, as well as to connect on a deeper level with peers.  More than a third of our members currently serve on a committee.


Continuing Education Grants

Let the GSI Partners help your business remain competitive in the growing GSI Industry. We offer grants to our members to support their continued professional growth and to strengthen individual employees, businesses, and the local GSI industry as a whole. Take advantage of GSI-related continuing education opportunities for you and your staff.



GSI Operations and Maintenance Course

This three-day course is for landscape professionals seeking to strengthen or develop their service portfolio in operations and maintenance of public and private green stormwater infrastructure projects. The course features two classroom days and one field day, and will provide landscape contractors with an understanding of the importance of operations and maintenance (O+M) of vegetated stormwater management practices, as well as of the tasks involved.


Monitoring Grant Pilot Program

SBN’s GSI Partners developing a pilot grant program that will support local businesses with the collection of data around the performance of private green stormwater infrastructure projects.


Precedent Library

The GSI Precedent Library features a collection of 15 case studies of highly effective GSI projects from across the country that demonstrates the dynamic performance capacity of stormwater best management practices. The case studies are complimented by peer-reviewed research that further defends the environmental, social, and economic benefits of green stormwater infrastructure.

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Quarterly Meetings

Every quarter, we bring together our members, sponsors, and other GSI professionals for GSI Partners Quarterly Meetings. These are great opportunities to get a feel for our network.


Rain Check Program

The Sustainable Business Network is proud to be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to expand the city’s residential stormwater management efforts through our partnership in the management of PWD’s Rain Check program. Rain Check is an exciting program that offers Philadelphia homeowners free and cost-share stormwater management tools (rain barrels, downspout planters, rain gardens, and porous pavers), and engages local businesses to install these tools.




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